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iPhone App Development

Krify develops wide range of iPhone applications and provides different iPhone Application Development services. Our team has long term experience in developing iPhone Applications like Cocoa Touch Framework, Objective C, Xcode and in gaming using SDKs and Cocos 2D framework, stays up to date with the latest version of SDK & also with IOS 8 Support. At Krify, we always get updated on the new developments in these technologies and we develop iPhone apps which gives uniqueness to each Application by giving the different forms of factors for getting a unique experience to the customers.

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iPad App Development

We have a strong team of experienced tablet developers who master the art of creating perfect, bespoke and highly functional tablet applications. We are committed in delivering robust app development solutions for iPad devices. Our expert and proficient iPad developers can develop new applications from scratch and even enhance existing iPad apps. Our programmers have good proficiency in working across various Apple platforms with ingenuity and creativity. We have a distinct advantage in the field as our developers have the expertise to ensure your app leverages the iPad’s unique features to the full extent.

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Android app development

Android app developers at Krify have in-depth knowledge on design and development standards laid down by Google. We have exclusive team of Android developers having expertise on Android 2.3.6 to 5.0.1 and regularly updates their knowledge with new releases of Android platforms. Our Android developers have experience on different tools including Android SDK tools (Trace view, Zipalign, Hierarchy Viewer, and DDMS) and other IDE tools. We design Android applications using proper Android framework & architecture ensuring that there are no device fragmentation problems.

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Hybrid app development

Hybrid Apps are designed to take advantage of both the Native as well as mobile Web approaches. It benefits from the versatility of web technologies with the combination of powerful device features and SDK. It is well suited for a broad range of applications and can provide a good user experience. Hybrid apps are developed using technologies similar to the ones used for mobile web implementations and websites and run inside a native container on a mobile device. Our committed developers utilize their existing skills and experience in HTML and JavaScript to create fast, easy and simple mobile web apps. View More

Web and API development

At Krify, We use structured framework programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards for Web development. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge in SQL Database Programming, Custom Business Database Programming, Online Database Programming & Ecommerce Applications. We use most advanced tools to create robust and state-of-the-art applications that can be implemented on many server platforms and web technologies.Web APIs allow developers to build web pages and web based applications using data from multiple online sources..View More

UI, Graphics and Animations

At Krify, we pay a lot of attention to UI design and usability, which are realized through comprehensive prototyping and usability tests. Also, We have expertise in the field of Flash Animation, Graphic Design, Icons Designing etc. We have talented Designers, Flash Animators who can create Effective, Professional, Quality Graphics Designs, Rich and Eye-catching animations. The Graphics created by our Designers are the best Graphic Designs, using latest technology bundled with creativity and innovation that are bound to stand out to reflect towards customer needs.View More